Visual Basic®2005 Express Edition Starter Kit

So you want to get a proper start in programming but don’t know quite where to begin? You couldn’t have chosen a better tool to get you on the ground running than Microsoft’s new programming application,
Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. Of course, you’ll now need to learn how to use it, maximizing your education while minimizing the impact on your busy life. That’s where this book comes in. Not only do you have a comprehensive introduction to Visual Basic Express as a language and a development tool, but you also have tips, tricks, and additional techniques that will bring you up to speed before you know it.
From installation to building your own programs, customizing existing code, debugging, securing, and deploying solutions, the next few hundred pages will be your guide to the world of Visual Basic Express.
I’ve been using the Basic programming language in many forms for over 20 years, and I freely and happily admit that this version is the easiest I’ve ever encountered. Considering that Basic as a language has always been one of the most easily understood, that’s saying something. for download Klik Here


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